Dianne Borde-Sutherland

clay monoprints

Clay Monoprint
Clay Monoprint
Clay Monoprint

As an Artist, my involvement and fascination with nature has taught me many lessons about line and form; about scale, color, and texture; about structure and process.

The continuing exploration through the arts fuels my creativity, regardless of the medium. The process I use to develop a clay mono-print requires knowledge of working with wet clay, pigments, color mixing and pattern making, using various tools and textures.

The design of each plate produces a unique print and allows for limitless opportunities to create a wide variety of abstract images. When planning the imagery for the final plate, from which to print, I think about the abstract elements presented in nature, while using light and shadow as my focus. The material I use for the final print is a non-woven fabric created for use in industry as well as canvas or heavy paper.

Every print, with its many layers of colored clay slips, give the designs a unique depth and dimension. No two prints are ever identical. For me, each handmade piece has the element of surprise added to the equation and always triggers great excitement and exhilaration. With this creative freedom comes an opportunity for infinite artistic expression.

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